Monday, 31 December 2012

It's Official Kanye West Announces Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant! (Video)

Get ready—for the first time in maybe ever, you're going to see genuine happiness beam across Kanye West's face. And it's pretty cute. The rapper announced that Kim Kardashian was pregnant with his baby during his Atlantic City concert Sunday night, and he couldn't keep the smile off his face. Half way through one of his tracks, Yeezy said:
"Stop the music for a second, stop the music,Lost In the World, Can you make some noise for my baby mama right quick?"

The crowd roared and Kanye flashed his million-dollar smile. He's so excited, as we are too—watch for yourself! Congrats to KimYe... See the family's reaction to the news below;

Friday, 28 December 2012

Kim Kardashian Sets The Records Straight About The Seat Incident

After the controversial incident that took place at the LA Clippers game, which involved Kim's Step-dad being asked to vacate his front row seat for Kim and Kanye. But to Kim, the incident happened differently and she thinks the media is only twisting the incident to suit their need. The statement below was released by Kim;
"This was my first time seeing Lamar play for The Clippers! It was funny how everyone made a big deal about Bruce and my mom not sitting together, saying it was fueling these ridiculous divorce rumors. Well I got four court-side seats, so Kanye and I obviously sat in two of them and then we wanted Khloe up front too, since it’s her husband playing, and the mom joined us too. My mom got eight other seats right behind us for the family, where Bruce sat with everyone else. I started to feel a little ill (I caught the flu over the Christmas holidays!) so Kanye and I left at half time and Bruce came to the front and sat with my mom. It’s a simple as that! Not everything is as dramatic as the media make it out to be! We had the best family Christmas ever!"
It still doesn't justify what happened because if it was her dad, she would not think to sit there while her dad sits behind her. geraway kim.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

GQ's "Most Stylish Man Of The Year" Goes To 007 "Daniel Craig"

Daniel Craig aka James Bond 007, came up top in this year's "Most Stylish Man" countdown on GQ Magazine. The Magazine wrote:

Like the double-0 agent he plays on the big screen, Daniel Craig's go-to is a perfectly cut Tom Ford suit that frankly makes other famous guys look like they've never heard of a tailor. But the actor's hardly just a mannequin for his favorite designer's wares, and 2012 saw Craig expanding his sartorial horizons into newGQ-approved areas, whether it be adopting the brown suit, playing with unconventional shirt and tie combos, or just saying "eff it" and showing up to a premiere in some eye-grabbing Nikes.
 Others on the list includes;

Janet Jackson Is Engaged To Her Qatari Billionaire Manfriend "Wissam Al Mana"

According to US WEEKLY, Janet Jackson's Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana "gave her a huge, expensive ring" earlier this year...She's afraid it will get lost, so she keeps it locked up!"  The luxury-brand mogul, 37, will spare no expense on his nuptials to Miss Jackson, set for spring in Qatar.  The affair "will cost millions," reveals a second Jackson insider. "He is flying in all of Janet's friends and family on private jets." (Quick refresher: The L.A.-based singer has seven siblings and more than 20 nieces and nephews.)  Adds the source, "He wants to get a top chef to create a custom menu."  The ceremony will undoubtedly be "a circus," another source says.
I guess this is comes as a compensation for her two failed marriages to James DeBargo(mid 80's) and Rene Elizondo (1991-2000); and probably her long relationship with Jermaine Dupri. Wishing her the best.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Rihanna And Karrueche At Each Others Business Whilst Chris Brown Is In Nigeria

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 10.36.05 AM
First of all, I promised myself not to write anymore sh*t about Rihanna-Karrueche-Chris Brown drama cos, i get dizzy just thinking about the whole thing. But, this just cut my attention yesterday when RiRi posted this pic below on instagram and tagging it "your fav" meaning, she is breezy's favorite
Then continued with a pic directed at Karrueche;
Karrueche was forced to reply and she took to twitter to tweet;

They should give themselves a break. No guy's d**k is worth the hassle jare.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Break-up Rumor: Usain Bolt Breaks Up With Girlfriend After Visit To Jamaica

Usain Bolt's British girlfriend, Megan Edwards, ended their romance on the grounds that "he lives too far". The 22-year-old, split from the world's fastest man after he flew her to Jamaica to meet his family. The devastated Usain begged her to change her mind, but Megan stated:
"In the end I had to let my head rule my heart. It was amazing out there, but that's where I decided it couldn't go on."
Poor Usain! Well, it only means he is back on the market. So all the single ladies!
Usain Bolt and Megan Edwards Usain Bolt and Megan Edwards Usain Bolt and Megan Edwards

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Question For The Weekend: How Long Before It's Too Long?

Hiya people, today i'm gonna be asking a question that seem to be bugging a lot of people but they don't seem to get the right answer. So maybe, we can all throw our 50 cents into solving this mystery.
"How long does it take for a Courtship/Relationship/Engagement  to be branded too long?"
For me, an engagement lasting up to a year is too long; a relationship for a year with no word on marriage is too long and a courtship for 3 months is way too long. It's a matter of right or wrong; if you feel it's right, why hesistate? If you feel it's wrong, keep on stepping.

Michael Ealy Secretly Married?!

Ewo, my future husband has secretly married oh, choi....As reported on Global GrindIt's time for women all around the world to bring out the tissues! Wedding bells have rung for Michael Ealy; our man (in our dreams) is officially married. According to PEOPLE, the Think Like A Man star secretly walked down the aisle with this girlfriend of 4 years, Khatira Rafiqzada, back in October. ***Crying***

Friday, 21 December 2012

Over A Billion Views For Gangnam Style: First in History To Hit That Mark

The Gangnam phenomenon has reached over a billion views on youtube and still increasing. The count is currently 1,000,382,639. PSY has officially taken over.
Embedded image permalink

Tyler Perry's New Movie "Confessions of a Marriage Counselor" Trailer Starring Kim Kardashian (Video)

See Kim Kardashian in Tyler Perry's new movie "Confessions of a Marriage Counselor" which hits the cinema January 2013. Can't wait! Above is the movie trailer, do tell me what you think about the movie..

Michelle Obama's Open Letter To The Victims And Families Of The Sandy Hook Shooting

First Lady Michelle Obama has penned a letter to the residents of Newtown, letting them know that America is holding them "in our hearts."
Over the past week, we as Americans have been united in our grief as Newtown has laid to rest so many beautiful, innocent children, along with the heroic educators who worked every day to help them achieve their dreams.As a mother of two young daughters, my heart aches for you and your families. Like so many Americans, I wish there were something — anything — I could do or say to ease your anguish.But I know that I cannot begin to imagine the depths of your grief. I know that for many of you, the pain you are enduring right now seems unbearable; and many of you may be asking yourselves, how can we go on — as families and as a community? 

Music Alert: Hot New Single "Good & Evil" From The "Verb"

This is a new song from Ifeoluwapo Sonuyi a.k.a Verb. Good and evil basically describes the conscience of man and how the devil tries to override what the LORD is saying. It tells of the battlefield of the mind, the struggle of wanting to do what's right against what is wrong. The song is off the hook! listen below.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Question For The Day: What Do You Consider Sexy?

The term sexy is something that have being both confusing and debatable over time; but we can for sure say, the media has directly or indirectly influenced our perception of what "Sexy" truly is. Someone rightfully said;
"Sexy isn't about what you wear, it's about how you feel. The more passion you feel for yourself and for your life, the more passion others will feel towards you"
So today, i really do want to hear from y'all, what you believe "Sexy" is to you. Please leave you comment below and let's just have fun today...

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rihanna Got A Surprise Gift From Roc Nation "A Sexy Porsche"


After performing on the finale of The Voice and dropping some serious stacks on a brand new mansion, Rihanna continued living the life of the rich and uber famous when she accepted a surprise gift from her fellas over at Roc Nation: a brand new silver 2012 Porsche Panamera Turbo S - wrapped up in Roc Nation ribbon of course. This whip is almost as sexy as Rihanna...almost! And with an estimated $175,000 price tag, we are sure it will find a nice place at home in the garage of her brand new $12 million mansion. She instagrammed the pics of the car and wrote;
"Ain't nobody phuckin wit my clique!! Thank you to my Roc brothers! I love you guys, y'all are crazy for getting me this bad ass ho. All I see is signs, all I see is dolla $ign$."

Meet Sandy McCulloch, Advertising For A Wife With A Sign-post

Sandy Mcculloch
That's right, the 82-year-old bachelor from Corvallis, Oregon has taken to wearing a handmade sign around his neck to find his next Missus, the Associated Press reports. The sign reads, "Wanted: A Wife," followed by handwritten requirements: the future Mrs. McCulloch must be over 60, live in the same town, love books and have a great sense of humor. McCulloch told the AP his sign is serious. 
“People look for a wife for different reasons when they are 20 or 25 than when they are my age, I’m looking for companionship.”
If you are interested, please send your application to the man directly..lolz

Eagle Snatches Toddler In A Park (Photo & Video)

See why one shouldn't leave their baby unsupervised...The footage which was posted on YouTube yesterday, shows the huge bird circling around a Montreal park before swooping on the unsuspecting child. With a wingspan of around 6ft (2m), the Eagle grabbed the child while his father is distracted. But fortunately the the eagle drops the toddler almost immediately. continue to video

President Obama Named Time Magazine "Person of The Year"

TIME Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama was named "Person of The Year" by Time Magazine. This is the second time that Time has chosen Obama. The magazine said it named him Person of the Year in 2008 for winning against the odds and becoming the first black president of the United States. Manager, Richard Stengel explained that;
“For finding and forging a new majority, for turning weakness into opportunity and for seeking, amid great adversity, to create a more perfect union, Barack Obama is TIME’s 2012 Person of the Year,”. 
Well,congratulations to the President...

Outrage: A New Bible For The Gays Called "Queen James Bible"

In the latest turn of events, a new “Queen James Bible” recently published by an anonymous source is causing outrage in the religious and general community.  Those opposing the publication say it is inaccurate and blasphemous against the original version of the Bible. The Daily Mail reports;
A book claiming to be the world’s first ‘gay bible’ has been published to coincide with the debate on same-sex marriage.  Titled the ‘Queen James Bible’, its editors claim that it is a re-working of the King James Bible translated in a way that ‘prevents homophobic misinterpretation of God’s Word’.  ‘Homosexuality was first overtly mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this – only interpretations have been made’, the book’s official website said.  The publication, printed and bound in the U.S. is timed to coincide with the current debate over same-sex marriage.  The sales pitch on the website says: ‘You can’t choose your sexuality, but you can choose Jesus. Now you can choose a Bible, too’.  The book is on sale online but does not advertise its origins, with no specific publisher, editor or translator listed by name on it’s offical website. ‘God’ is listed as the author and ‘Jesus Christ’ a contributor. 
Do you think the gay community have taken this too far??

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Battle Of "Who Stole Bow Wow's V Card"? (VIDEO)

In an interview with Sway In The Morning, Bow Wow talked about some pretty juicy aspects of his sex life, revealing that he lost his virginity at 16 to a certain lusted after video vixen with the initials E.B. After some guesses, the hosts figured out it was curvalicious Esther Baxter, but now the model is pulling a Shaggy and denying she ever had sexual relations with the now 25-year-old rapper.
She took to her Twitter:

Parents Gave 11-Year-Old A Gun To School For Protection

A 11-year-old student reportedly brought a handgun into his West Kearns Elementary school in Utah for protection. In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, the student said that the weapon was given to him by his parents in order to protect himself. The sixth grader was caught when he showed the unloaded .22-caliber pistol to his classmates during recess.

New Video Alert: "Brand New Me" By Alicia Keys

"Brand New Me" is Alicia's second single and it's a little different from the first single "Girl on Fire". While "Girl On Fire" had a more inspirational feel, the R&B songstress' second single embodies more of an emotional, warm undertone. In the music video, not only do you briefly get to see Alicia Keys look even more stunning than she already does in a pair of glasses, you see her rocking some curls as she pours her heart out. I love it!

Bad Timing For Ke$ha: "Die Young" Pulled From US Radio Following The Sandy Hook Shooting

In wake of the Sandy Hook Shooting at a School in Newton, Connecticut, actions have been taken by the masses to reduce the pain most of the parents are feeling and this led to Ke$sha's track 'Die Young'  been pulled from a number of radio stations in North America. TMZ reports that on Friday last week – the day of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 26 dead – Ke$ha's current single reached 167 million listeners across the United States via radio airplay. However, on Saturday this dropped by three million and then by 19 million yesterday (December 17), showing that radio stations were no longer including the track on their playlists. TMZ quotes a 'music expect', who states that the last time a song fell from the airplay charts this quickly was when country band the Dixie Chicks insulted former US President George Bush Jr.

A Transgender Woman Portraying Michelle Obama On Candy Magazine


In its fifth issue, upstart magazine Candy has embodied first lady Michelle Obama on its cover, modeled by transgender woman Connie Fleming.  Fleming is adorned in similar clothes to the first lady and the headline of the cover reads “The Candydate.”  The magazine is published by publisher Luis Venegas, and he said he went to the White House for inspiration, stating:
 “I especially love the cover story, which for the first time isn’t a super-popular star, but a fabulous, beautiful black transwoman channeling a politician who looks pretty much like Michelle Obama,”. 
Does (s)he really look like Michelle Obama?

It Runs In The Family: David Beckham's Son, Romeo Models For Burberry (Photo & Video)

Like father, like son...The son of Victoria and David Beckham must have a natural penchant for being in front of the camera, because he is an absolute pro at his first try in the latest Burberry ads. Of course Romeo is gorgeous, he's a Beckham. But now the little tyke is putting his modeling skills to the test. Burberry’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey said Beckham “was a joy to work with and really stole the show," and with charm like that, how could he not?
Check out the behind the scenes video from Romeo's Burberry's shoot.

Instagram's New Terms of Use!

Instagram, the photo-sharing app that started out like any other in the App Store and then catapulted into the hands of Facebook, is making some changes to its privacy policy and Terms of Use. The changes states that users must be at least 13 years of age to use the app and can't pull a Chief Keef and post porn on the site. The policy also reads that they will use your name and photos for ads without any payment to you. First Instagram and Twitter cut ties, now the photo sharing app is promising to, well, share your photos for profit without your consent. Be careful what you post, you could be the next face of an Instagram Everest ad.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Kelly Clarkson Engaged To Boo, Brandon Blackstock


**coughs** future husband, see the ring o......Kelly Clarkson has been head over heels in love ever since she got together with Brandon Blackstock, and it looks like it really is true love. The "Stronger" singer has recently announced on her Who Say account that Brandon proposed and they are now engaged! The singer posted a picture of her ring on Twitter which she captioned:
"I'M ENGAGED!!!!! I wanted y'all to know!! Happiest night of my life last night! I am so lucky and am with the greatest man ever."
With that kind of ring, you got no choice but to say yes 

US Secretary-Of-State Hilary Clinton Suffers Concussion After Fainting

I smell something funny in this case and i think we need James Bond now. Anyway, The State Department disclosed on Saturday that the US Secretary of State, suffered a concussion early last week after fainting and striking her head. As a result, she will not testify as scheduled on Thursday before Congressional committees investigating the September attack on the American diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, LibyaThe fainting episode occurred after Mrs. Clinton, who is being widely discussed as a possible presidential candidate in 2016, became dehydrated because of a stomach virus she contracted during a trip to Europe, according to statements released by a close adviser and her doctors. One State Department official said Mrs. Clinton fainted when she was alone at her home in Washington but added that the concussion was not diagnosed until Thursday. He said the concussion was not severe.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Where Were You, God: A Prayer For Newton By Rev James S. J. Martin

Where were you, God?
We are crushed with grief, God.
We cannot bear to think of so many people killed.
We cannot bear to think of children being killed.
It is unthinkable to us, the worst tragedy.
Where were you, God?
How could you let this happen?
Why is your world like this?
We are sad and angry and confused.
But God, we know that you know what it means to have a child die.
For your Son died a violent death.
And we know that your Son understands grief.
For he wept bitterly when his friend Lazarus died.
And he was moved with compassion when he saw suffering.
His heart broke like our hearts do.
He cried like we do today.
We know too that your Son raised Lazarus from the dead.
And that you raised your own murdered Son from the grave,
As a sign of the eternal life you have planned for us.
The life into which you now place the victims, whom you loved.
And love.
We know that you understand our terrible anguish.
You accept our bitterness and our confusion too.
And we know that your Son is beside us, weeping with us.
We know that you are still with us God, in the darkness.
In our compassion for the families and friends of the victims.
In the love that moves us to care for one another.
In the anger that drives us to put an end to violence,
As your Son tried to do in his time with us.
Most of all, eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon them.

Beyonce Is The New Face Of Pepsi For $50 Million (Photos)

To some people, it may seem as though Beyonce has taken time off to focus on motherhood, but King Bey is still on her grind. Believe that.
Just months after Pepsi announced it’s partnership with Nicki Minaj, the brand has upped their ante and snagged Beyonce as the $50 million face of it’s global campaign. The company is more than happy with their new partnership with Bey, announcing it just in time for her Las Vegas New Year’s Eve performance at the Wynn Hotel.
With her new deal, we’ll start seeing Beyonce’s face on Pepsi cans and other products, as well as her cutouts in stores. Beyonce also made sure that her deal with Pepsi was stacked, and she had them incorporate a Creative Development Fund that will go toward creating content, and it will allow her to be hands on when it comes to all of the materials that have to do with her contract. Similar to Nicki, Beyonce will star in a new ‘Live For Now’ global television commercial and Pepsi will also sponsor Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl half-time show.

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: Unsafe World (Photos & Video)

Tragedy struck yesterday as 26 innocent victims were shot dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut by a Teenager "Adam Lanza". The alleged shooter shot and killed his own mother in her home before getting in her car, with her guns, and driving to the nearby elementary school. There he took the lives of 20 children, all between the ages of 5 and 10, six adults and then himself.

Lanza, dressed in black military gear and a bulletproof vest, had two handguns and a rifle on him, which were all purchased legally by his mother. Authorities are now tracing three additional guns, all single-action rifles. Lanza reportedly attempted to purchase a gun this past Tuesday but was unsuccessful.

After the tragedy that struck Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama addressed the nation in a brief but emotional speech. Doing his best to hold back the tears, Obama stated:
"We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the last few years...we're going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent future tragedies like this."
View the video below for more on the speech. 

This is so heartbreaking and I just don't understand the demons living in some people nowadays. #Signsoftheendtimes

Friday, 14 December 2012

Question For The Weekend

Is Dating and  Relationship the same thing? If not, what is the difference?

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Question For The Day...

Who is most likely to call off the wedding or engagement when they are not convinced about spending "forever" with their partner; the Man or the Woman? Please state your reason(s).

Girls and Bad Boys: Rihanna & Chris Brown Vs Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson

Hi Belarians, today I want to introduce Clinical and Psychological Specialist on Bad Relationship Matter Ms Harobed Lawal. We had a discussion earlier about the reoccurring trend of ladies attraction to guys that both physically and verbally abuse them and why they can't leave or keep going back, and this was her reply:
Why do so many battered women return to their abusive relationships? The problem is doubly puzzling from an evolutionary psychological perspective, because it emphasizes the importance of life, survival, and individual welfare. What adds to the mystery is that most of the women are themselves mystified by their own choice. When pressed, however, many respond by saying “Because I love him”; emotional attachment to the abuser is one of the

Dear Santa...

I'm not asking for much this Christmas but just a few items that would make it a little more special. Since you are good at giving the right gift, why don't i just spell out the gift i actually do want for Christmas and it includes;
1) Diamonds (not the song by Rihanna oh, but the one by Swarovski)
Sensation Montana Set

2) A Dress (House of Fraser)

3) A Christian Louboutin Shoe

4) A Purse (Maykimay)

5) A Perfume (Heat by Beyonce)
Beyonce Heat Eau De Parfum 100ml Spray
6) An Ipad-mini (not an eyepad)

7) Mariah Carey's Christmas CD (so i can listen to "all i want for christmas -is you, to deliver my presents")
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