Monday, 28 January 2013

Rick Ross Escapes Death Twice On His Birthday

 According to reports, Rick Ross narrowly escaped being shot and later had an accident, all on his birthday. Fort Lauderdale Police have gathered dozens of bullet casings from Las Olas Boulevard after someone opened fire on a vehicle. Several gunshots were heard in the area of 1410 E Las Olas Blvd., around 5 a.m. According to locals, they said Rapper Rick Ross was in the Floridian Restaurant celebrating his Birthday and as he left in his Rolls Royce, someone opened fire. Police have not confirmed this information. The bullets missed the Rolls Royce but the vehicle slammed into the restaurant. Luckily, police said no one was injured by the gunfire. Several businesses in the area were hit by bullets. see the car below

Uk Lawmaker Says "Short Skirts And High Heels Are To Blame For Rape"

A British lawmaker from the Conservative Party, Richard Graham, of Gloucester  is suggesting that young women who wear high heels and short skirts are to blame for rape. "If you are blind drunk and wearing those clothes how able are you to get away?" Graham was quoted as saying by his local newspaper, The Citizen. Graham suggests that women put themselves at a greater risk of rape if they wear these types of clothes.
How can a congressman talk like a lunatic? I rest my case jare...

Jennifer Lawrence "Hunger Games" Star Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At The SAG Awards

Jennifer Lawrence may have had one of the most embarrassing moment on Tv when she accepted her award for Best Female Actor in a Film.While making what seemed to be the very treacherous walk up to the stage, in that long Christian Dior gown, it looked like J.Law's dress decided to just split open. But fortunately for her, the gown was lined with a sheer lining to avoid this type of mishap. See the picture above...

My Best Dressed List From The Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Sacndal Star Kerry Washington

Nina Dobrev, Giuliana Rancic, Freida Pinto
Click Here to view the others.

Chris Brown In A Brawl With Frank Ocean Over Parking Space.

TMZ reported that Chris Brown was involved in an all-out brawl with Frank Ocean Sunday night, and sources connected with Chris insist Ocean started it. Chris was at Westlake Studio in the L.A. area listening to one of the artists he represents. The sources say as Chris went to leave, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris from leaving. The sources say Frank said, "This is my studio, this is my parking spot." We're told Chris went to shake Frank's hand ... and that's when one of Frank's people attacked Chris. Sources connected with Chris say one of Chris' friends jumped in front and hit Frank's friend. Sources connected with Chris say Frank then came at Chris ... Chris pushed him away and they started brawling.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Question: Who Would You Rather Date?!

I stumble upon a recent debate online as to who a guy would rather date, and it was quite interesting what some guys really think about beauty and interestingly, some ladies stance on what the ideal "wife material" is. So, comment on who you would rather date and why...

Republican Rand Paul Asks Obama To Resign Over Beyonce's Lip Syncing Scandal.

Lmao...I wonder what is in the weed these people smoke?! According to The New Yorker, A rising chorus of congressional Republicans are calling on President Obama to acknowledge that the pop singer Beyoncé lip-synched during his inaugural festivities on Monday and resign from office, effective immediately.

“By lip-synching the national anthem, Beyoncé has cast a dark cloud over the President’s second term,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky). “The only way President Obama can remove that cloud is by resigning from office at once.” While many in the media have blamed Beyoncé for the lip-synching controversy, Mr. Paul said, “We must remember that this happened on President Obama’s watch.”

Mr. Paul said that the White House’s refusal to comment on the Beyoncé crisis “only serves the argument that this President has something to hide.If Beyoncé lip-synched the national anthem, how do we know President Obama didn’t lip-sync his oath of office?” he said. “If that’s the case, he’s not legally President. But just to be on the safe side, he should resign anyway.”

Can't stop laffing...

Whitney Houston Gay?! Her Mum Tells All...

Gay Activist Peter Tatchell, was the first to point out that Whitney Houston had a long term relationship with her then Bff Robyn Crawford. In bid to squash the gay rumors, she alledgely married Bobby Brown, which led to her constant substance abuse as a result of losing her "one true love". And momma Cissy's new memoir addresses her daughter's relationship, although she is not denying nor confirming it but she definitely knew more about her daughters secret life. Head on to DailyMail to read more...

Beyonce Finally Admits To Lip Syncing The National Anthem But Doesn't See Anything Wrong With It.

Neither do i Bey... According to US Weekly, Beyonce has had some major ups and down this week. One day after her triumphant rendition of the National Anthem at the Inauguration ceremony in Washington, D.C. on Monday, Jan. 21, a rep for the U.S. Marine Corp Band told several media outlets that the superstar, 31, chose to lip-sync the song over a pre-recorded track at the last minute.

Although the Grammy winner and her team have remained silent about the "Star Spangled Banner" fracas, a source confirms to Us Weekly that she did, in fact, use a backing track for her performance in front of the U.S. Capitol. "She didn't think there was anything wrong with it," the source explains. "Pavarotti has done it! It was freezing out, and if she messed up just one note, that would have been the story."

(Even Aretha Franklin, who sang live at the 2009 inauguration, defended Beyonce, noting to ABC, "the weather down there was about 46 or 44 degrees and for most singers that is just not good singing weather.")

Continues the source: "Everybody uses these tracks, and the music director advised it. Any big outdoor live performance is almost always with some kind of track." Still, the insider clarifies that Beyonce didn't completely lip-sync the song: "She did sing, but used a track." The source concedes that Blue Ivy's mom -- most recently spotted in New Orleans -- is disappointed by the so-called controversy: "A technicality which everybody does took away from the beauty of the moment."

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kelly Osborne Secretly Engaged To Boyfriend Matthew Mosshart

Please, i'd rather he gives me his hair than the ring....Kelly Osbourne secretly got engaged to Matthew Mosshart and from the sound of it, they couldn't be any happier. A friend of the Fashion Police co-host told Us Weekly:
"Kelly is the happiest she's ever been. Her career is going well, and she's in a healthy relationship with a wonderful guy."
Kelly and her new fiance have been dating for over a year and according to sources, got engaged a few weeks before the Christmas holiday.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

19-Year-Old Knocks Serena Williams Out Of The Australia Open

19-year-old American Sloane Stephens has caused the upset of the Australian Open so far, knocking ailing Serena Williams out in the quarter finals. Stephens has beaten her childhood idol 3-6, 7-5, 6-4, and is the first teenager through to a Grand Slam semi-final since 2009. Stephens used to have a poster of Williams on her wall growing up, and can't quite believe what she's achieved. She is set to meet world number one Victoria Azarenka in the semi finals tomorrow.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Shakira Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Barely 2 hours ago, the statement below was posted on the page of the Superstar
"We are happy to announce the birth of Milan Piqué Mebarak, son of Shakira Mebarak and Gerard Piqué, born January 22nd at 9:36pm, in Barcelona, Spain. The name Milan (pronounced MEE-lahn), means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification. Just like his father, baby Milan became a member of FC Barcelona at birth. The hospital confirmed that the couple’s first child weighed approximately 6lbs. 6 ounces, and that both mother and child are in excellent health".
Congratulations to the couple!

Beyonce Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

To the haters, Beyonce is finally addressing questions and rumors surrounding her pregnancy. On her recent cover on GQ Magazine, Beyonce talks about her relationship with Jay-Z, what Blue Ivy's birth meant to her and how the false pregnancy rumors took a toll on her family. See the excerpt below;

On her relationship with Jay-Z: "I was independent before I met my husband, and we have such a natural chemistry and a genuine relationship, and it's based on the things that relationships are supposed to be based on. I've seen, growing up, when a woman or a man in a relationship—it doesn't matter which one—doesn't feel confident, they feel a bit trapped. Your self-worth is determined by you. You don't have to depend on someone telling you who you are."

Leonardo DiCaprio Quits Acting

The Titanic Star is taking a break from acting, citing fatigue as the cause. The Django Unchained actor is worn out after doing 3 movies in 2 years and he feels like it's time to take a break from the game. In an interview with the German Bild, the 38-year-old actor revealed his plans:
I am a bit drained,” he told the German newspaper. “I’ve done three films in two years and I’m just worn out.” DiCaprio won’t just be lounging around -- he also intends to use his time off to focus on his other passion, environmental activism.“I would like to improve the world a bit. I will fly around the world doing good for the environment,” he told Bild.
Hmmm, lets it won't be too long...

Faith Evans Talks On Biggie Smalls And Beef With Lil Kim (Video)

Earlier today, Faith Evans was on the Wendy Williams show and for the first time, talked about the her kids, Biggie and also her supposed beef with Lil Kim...See the video above.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

President Barack Hussein Obama Takes The Oath Of Office

President Obama was officially sworn into office today. He swore the oath of office with his favorite ladies by his side and by placing his hand on the handy dandy bible in the Blue Room of the Oval office. Congratulations Mr President.

Michael Jackson's Doctor Is The Biological Father of Michael Jackson's Son 'Prince'?!

Michael Jackson fought tons of rumors throughout his life that he was not the actual father to his three kids Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Well, according to TMZ, the rumors might be true since one of Michael Jackson's doctors might be the real father to Prince! MJ's former dermatologist, Dr. Arnie Klein posted a suspicious picture to his Facebook page of a photo of himself next to a picture of Prince, and the two look oddly similar. With a caption of simply, "hmmmm" on the picture, it still doesn't confirm that these facts are true. See picture below

Friday, 18 January 2013

Dear Belarich: How Do I Tell My Mother-In-Law To Leave?!

Dear Belarich,
I've being married for close to 2 years now and my mother-in-law have been living with us from day 1. Don't get me wrong, i love her and all but she runs the house like her own and i feel like a guest in my own home. I've asked my husband to provide a separate accommodation for her but he keeps claiming he doesn't want her far away. At times, i just want to run away, please help!
I think, there's time for everything and your mother-in-law should know that it's time to handover the motherly duties to you. Also, you should be bold enough to state clearly what you want, to your husband and mother-in-law.

New Music Alert: Tamar Braxton "Love And War" (Video)

Tamar Braxton is the last of the Braxton Sisters and it seems she is following the same career path of her elder Sister 'Toni Braxton'. Listen to her new single above...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Jennifer Lopez Told Casper Smart To Go Be With Girls Of His Age

According to RadarOnline, Jennifer Lopez says she’s asked her much younger boyfriend, Casper Smart, why he doesn’t find a woman closer to his own age to date.  The Jenny From The Block singer – speaking in this week’s issue of People – says she’s well aware that the couple’s 18-year age difference draws speculation. (She’s 43, he’s 25).“I ask him, ‘Why don’t you go find a young girlfriend and get out of here? What do you want with me?’ And you think, ‘How long is this gone be?’ You think, ‘Okay, in 10 years I’m going to be like this and you’re going to be like that’ and … men at that age are … I think all different things. The truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re loving this moment right now. We make each other happy.” In the interview, Lopez – now a single mother of twins – also credits Smart will helping her pick up the pieces of her life after her much-publicized divorce from Marc Anthony in 2011 after seven years of marriage. ok oh...

Prada Is Bringing Sexy Back!

For their Spring/Summer 2013 season, the celebrated line tapped seasoned actors Harvey Keitel and Benicio del Toro, as well as relative newcomers Dane De Haan and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The entire campaign was photographed in black-and-white by famed fashion photographer David Sims. Although the absence of color makes the details in the collection a bit difficult to spot, Prada describes the collection as "simplicity, detail and the emergence of a new elegance.

Kim Kardashians Covers Hia Magazine/ Talks On Relationship With Beyonce

Kim looks amazing on the cover of Hia Magazine. She took to facebook to gosh about the photoshoot;
"This shoot was so different from any I have done before and I’m so pleased with how the cover turned out. I got to wear some incredible high glamour creations by grand couturier Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture"
Also on Sway Radio, she addresses issues concerning her relationship with Beyonce, her Mother and her soon-to-be-ex husband. See the video below.

Princess Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian Both Due In July...Yikes!

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in July," in a statement released by the Palace. And barely a day later, Kim confirms, her and Kanye are expecting their baby in July also. Congratulations to both couples, can't wait to see their bundle of joy. So, let the countdown begin!

LMAO: A WOMAN Is To Face Manslaughter Charges After Allegedly Suffocating Her Boyfriend With Her BOOBS.

 Donna Lange is reported to have smothered the fella using her assets during a drunken bust-up at their mobile home in Everett, Washington, US. Witnesses told police they had heard the couple arguing on two occasions that evening, with 13st 10lb Donna throwing her partner to the floor during one incident. They claim Donna, 51, then climbed on to him as he begged her to get off before laying on the victim with “her chest on his face." At 5ft 7in, the victim stood an inch taller than Donna, but at around 12st 7lb, he was 17lbs lighter than his alleged killer. One witness told police that the victim may have had a heart condition, but another claimed: ”She smothered him to death.” When police arrived at the couple's home at the Airport Inn Trailer Park, they found paramedics performing CPR on the 51-year-old man. The victim was later pronounced dead at the Swedish Medical Centre, Washington.

What The Hell! 8 Severed Human Heads Found In A Parcel At Chicago 0'Hare Airport

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News
The 18 human heads that arrived at O’Hare International Airport just before Christmas — and remained there until this week — now appear to be on the last leg of their final journey. The medical specimens had been in limbo since just before Christmas,

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Who Wore It Better: Make It Stop.

Personally, I'm done with this dress and i think the designer should stop making it. That aside, former bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky (on the left) wore the Iris wedding dress from Jenny Packham's Fall 2012 collection, to the Golden Globes, after Funke Akindele and Rukky Sanda rocked the same dress last year. Should we make it stop?!

Recap: Golden Globe Red Carpet (Pictures)

Jennifer Lopez Heats Up The Golden Globes

Jlo hits the red carpet on the see through gown by Zuhair it or not?

Beyonce And Jay Z Spends $200,000 on Blue Ivy's Birthday.

When you're Jay-Z and Beyonce the possibilities are endless and these parents proved just that on their little girl's first birthday.According to reports, the couple spent over $200,000 on a party for Blue Ivy, that centered around a princess theme. What does $200,00 get a little Hip-Hop princess? Well, $80,000 went to the one year old's gift from her parents, a spectacular diamond-encrusted Barbie doll. Think that's a splurge? $95,000 was reportedly spent on the finest pink and white roses and the cake was about $2,000 and toys and gifts for their guests racked up another $30,000.
Please Bey and Jay adopt me for my next birthday only!

Another Rape Case: 7 Men Gang Raped a Woman in India

Six suspects have been arrested by the police in India after another case of gang rape occurred just 4 weeks after a female student was gang raped on a bus. According to USA Today, policeman Raj Jeet Singh said that the victim of the new rape assault was traveling as the only passenger on a bus heading to her northern Punjab village on Friday, but was instead driven by the driver to a desloated location after refusing to stop at her request. The driver and conductor took her to a building where there were 5 friends who all took turns raping her throughout the night. The driver eventually dropped the woman off in her village on Saturday morning. The police currently have 6 suspects, but are searching for another involved.

Friday, 11 January 2013

No Prenuptial Agreement For Janet Jackson!

When there is love and too much money, you worry less about what divorce would give the other party. And i guess thats the case of Janet Jackson, because her Wissam is one of the richest investors in the Middle East where he represents such fashion and style icons as Hermes and Sonia Rykiel. He is also a major shareholder in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Dubai, Doha, Bahrain and Kuwait. Should the fairytale turn sour then the agreement still being worked on is reported to guarantee Janet, 46, a “kiss-off” of half-a-billion dollars (around £312.14million) if they divorce after a minimum of five years.
“Janet will be marrying into the sort of wealth not even her brother Michael managed to amass during his lifetime of success, She’s looking forward to a fairytale life with Wissam.”
Luxury brand mogul Wissam, who at 37 is nine years her junior, last week confirmed their wedding will go ahead without a prenup, in his home country of Qatar in April or May, adding: “We are very happy and very excited.”

Destiny Child Is Back With A Brand New Album "Love Songs"

According to E News, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are coming out with new music. On Thursday, the trio announced a new album, Love Songs—featuring a brand-new recording, to be released on Jan. 29. Although the album is "comprised mainly of romantic gems recorded between 1997 and 2004," it also features "Nuclear," the first new Destiny's Child recording since 2004. Per the group's website, the track was produced and co-written by Pharrell Williams and features vocal production Beyoncé and Lonny Bereal. The Destiny's Child mini-reunion has led to much speculation that Michelle and Kelly will join queen Bey on Feb. 3 for her Super Bowl halftime show. When E! News asked Kelly this December at VH1 Divas if this was a possibility, she played it coy. "I love the Super Bowl, but I love my sister [Beyoncé] more, so of course I'll be watching," she said, then deflected, "I'm totally going to be watching. I'm so excited."

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Question: Are Degrees Still Important With Today's Economy?

Today's discussion center's around todays economy and the job market. With the recent state of affairs in the world at large, it seems talent gets you by the day and the focus of acquiring degrees has shifted to maximizing one's talent. So, do you think a degree is important in today's economy? Let's chat below...

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Washington National Cathedral Set To Perform Same-Sex Marriage

WASHINGTON — The Washington National Cathedral, where the nation gathers to mourn tragedies and celebrate new presidents, will soon begin hosting same-sex marriages. Cathedral officials tell The Associated Press the church will be among the first Episcopal congregations to implement a new rite of marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members. The church announced its new policy Wednesday.

As the nation's most prominent church, the decision carries huge symbolism. The 106-year-old cathedral has long been a spiritual center for the nation, hosting presidential inaugural services and funerals for Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his last sermon there in 1968. The cathedral draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Beyonce Heats Up GQ Magazine Cover

Sexy mama Bey, covers the new issue of GQ Magazine....Love it or not?

An Unpatriotic Act By A Nigerian "Valentina Anyanwu"

Meet Valentina Anyanwu, A Nigeria in the US, who is part of the reality show "Bad Girls Club". First of all, the show represents, what is wrong with black women today and lack of morals from young ladies because all they do is fight, cuss and have sex daily on the show. And one of the criteria for being on the show states you have to be really bad.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

15 Year-old Girl Will Be Flogged For Fornicating After Repeatedly Raped By Her Stepfather

A 15-year-old girl in the Maldives who was raped repeatedly by her stepfather will be publicly flogged for having sex outside of marriage. Under strict Islamic law, sex outside of marriage is considered fornication. The country carries out the flogging of women despite calls from the UN Human Rights Council to drop the practice. The local Haveeru newspaper quoted an unnamed official from the prosecutor's office, saying that the fornication charge was unrelated to the rape that had been separately dealt with. The rape also resulted in a baby by the father, which he is being charged for killing. Her mother is being charged with helping dispose of the infant's body.

Karrueuche Tran Explains Her Relationship With Chris Brown

Tap open Instagram and there goes another photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna posting flicks together. Whether it's snoozing in Bart Simpson paraphernalia or getting baked half-naked, the two lovers who sang "Nobody's Business" spotlight their own romance better than the paparazzi.

The entire plot of their four year saga plays like a Shawty Lo reality show: too raw and uncut to turn off. Pan to the sideline though and you'll find the unsuspecting victim: Karrueche Tran. The 5'1'' biracial fashionista has become a crucial cast member of the Chrianna soap opera. Yet, she's actually a private girl caught in a very public situation. But before you peg her as a damsel in distress, the last thing she wants is your pity. In an exclusive interview with VIBE, Karrueche recalls how she and Chris met, how her clothing "The Kill" made him her business partner and how she feels about her love life now.

New Music Alert: Eve "She Bad Bad" (Video)

The intro sounds like one yoruba song oh...Enjoy!

Taylor Swift And The Battle Of The Break-ups

In a span of 3 years, Taylor  Swift have dated 14 men/guys/boys...Wow! Really don't know what is wrong with the guys oh but apparently if 1 up to 3 guys leave, there's no problem but if 14, then the problem swifts shifts from the guys to the girl. Among the popular guys she dated were Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer. The most recent is Harry Styles, one of the singers of boy-band One Direction, just after two months of dating. But this prolific composer has been known for hits that speak about her ex-boyfriends and men she secretly liked, with themes bordering on unrequited love, aborted relationships and falling for the wrong man, so is it possible she is using these relationships as inspiration for her songs?!

Update: KimYe Acquires An $11 Million Bel Air Mansion

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to have everything planned out except matrimony! The love-birds are now the proud owners of a 9,000 square-foot pad, in a private gated community in Bel-Air, CA. The duo have purchased this pad for close to two weeks now and they have already commenced decorating and putting all the finishing touches to the property. The 9,000 square-foot pad consist of a Gym, A movie theatre, full hair and makeup salon, a bowling alley, basketball court, indoor and outdoor pool, and definitely a nursery for da baby. Click to view the rest of the house.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Battle of The Babies: Whose Child Are You More Anxious To See This Year?

It's the official countdown to the baby of the year, so whose child is it going to be?

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Turned Down $3Million For Baby Pix

KimYe recently turned down major money for the first pictures of their epic unborn baby. Sources close to KimYe tell TMZ ... the couple has been flooded with lucrative deals from magazines clamoring to score baby Kimye's coveted first photos, with offers ranging as high as several million. We're told the $3 million offer was from an overseas tabloid. The KimYe source does point out that the couple could change their

Sunday, 6 January 2013

An Indian Man Spent £14,000 On A Gold Shirt Just To Attract Ladies

Calling all gold-diggers! Meet Money-lender Datta Phuge 32, from Pimpri -Chinchwad, who spent £14000 ($23,000) on a gold shirt that took 15 goldsmith 2 weeks to make on a 16 hours shift daily to complete. In a statement to Pune Mirror, Phuge said;
"I know that I'm not the best looking man in the world but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt. Having a gold shirt has always been my dream and this shirt would be an embellishment to my reputation as the 'Gold man of Pimpri'.
The shirt was assembled on a fabric base of imported white velvet, and comes with six Swarovski crystal buttons and an intricate belt, also made of gold.

CNN Names Nas "The Greatest Lyricist Of All Time"

Nasir Jones aka Nas, is apparently "The Greatest Lyricist of All Time" according to CNN. In an story in honour of the rapper titled "A Case for Nas, Hip-Hops Finest Mc", the new outlet defends its stance on naming Nasir Jones as "The Greatest Lyricist of All Time"...Continue

Mandela Recovers From Lung Infection

Father Africa is still strong! Nelson Mandela has recovered from his recent lung infection and a surgical procedure to remove gallstones. According to an announcement on Sunday by President Jacob Zuma, doctors say that Mandela, 94 has made:
"steady progress and that clinically, he continues to improve,"
In Zuma's statement, He said Mandela "continues to receive high care" at his home in the Houghton suburb of Johannesburg and that "his daily routine is being gradually re-established." Zuma congratulated Mandela on his recovery and said the anti-apartheid icon has "the love and support of all South Africans."

Mandela has been reading newspapers, sitting up in bed and receiving visitors, according to reports in the South African media.

Eminem Is Now A Born Again Christain

According to a source from Eminem’s hometown of Detroit, the rapper has gone through some life changing events and has found religion; and claims to have witnessed Em’s transformation firsthand through some of his recent actions. The source states that Slim Shady has removed himself “from the depths of the music industry,” and is also refusing to conform to what the music world expects from him. Now while this sounds a little fishy, it may be very true. On a song on his first album Infinite, which was released before his major label debut The Slim Shady LP, the lyricist said he was a Christian. On the song, “It's Ok," he raps:
“But in the midst of this insanity, I’ve found my Christianity through God and there’s a wish he granted me, He showed me how to cope with this stress and hope for the best, instead of moping depressed.”
Let the heavens rejoice oooo!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ghanaian-German Midfielder Kelvin-Prince Boateng Walks Off Field After Racist Chants(Video)

According to the New York Times, an exhibition match between one of Italy’s leading soccer teams and a lower division club was abandoned on Thursday after a black player responded to racist chanting from fans by kicking a ball into the stands and walking off the field in Busto Arsizio, outside Milan.Video of the incident, which took place in the small stadium of Pro Patria, a club in one of Italy’s lower leagues, showed Kevin-Prince Boateng, a Ghanaian-German midfielder for the visitors, A.C. Milan, stopping play and launching the ball in the direction of fans of the home team who were chanting like monkeys. He then pulled off his shirt and walked to the locker room, followed by his teammates

What Do You Value Most In A Relationship?

I've heard people debate this issue from financial requirement to emotional requirement, that is, from money to love. I for one, value Trust and Respect most in a relationship because without trust, there is no relationship and if both parties don't respect each other, there would always be chaos. So, do tell me what you think should be or is the fore-runner/deal-breaker for you in terms of being in a relationship.
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