Friday, 11 January 2013

No Prenuptial Agreement For Janet Jackson!

When there is love and too much money, you worry less about what divorce would give the other party. And i guess thats the case of Janet Jackson, because her Wissam is one of the richest investors in the Middle East where he represents such fashion and style icons as Hermes and Sonia Rykiel. He is also a major shareholder in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Dubai, Doha, Bahrain and Kuwait. Should the fairytale turn sour then the agreement still being worked on is reported to guarantee Janet, 46, a “kiss-off” of half-a-billion dollars (around £312.14million) if they divorce after a minimum of five years.
“Janet will be marrying into the sort of wealth not even her brother Michael managed to amass during his lifetime of success, She’s looking forward to a fairytale life with Wissam.”
Luxury brand mogul Wissam, who at 37 is nine years her junior, last week confirmed their wedding will go ahead without a prenup, in his home country of Qatar in April or May, adding: “We are very happy and very excited.”

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