Sunday, 30 November 2014


This year have been bittersweet for me but in all, I'm extremely grateful for everything. It's the last month of the year, and I personally tagged it "The Month of Appreciation"... My sincere appreciation goes to my Maker, Saviour and King; my Parents; Friends; and all Belarians. Enjoy this month and remember "be kind to one another" in Ellen's voice.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Question: What Makes A Woman Wife Material?!

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I've spoken with several men of all ages, races and backgrounds and oddly--or obviously--enough, they typically want the same thing in a wife. The key word here is wife. As one guy put it: "There are some things that you like because they're exciting and fancy but that doesn't mean you want to keep them forever..." He went on to use this analogy: "Just because you are dying to rent the red sports car doesn't mean you want to own it." So, when it comes to wives--the woman a man chooses to be worthy of his last name--there are a few things most men (over 90 percent!) look for. On a recent episode of R.E.A.L. Single Wives TV, Charlie Ervin shared three characteristics of a woman who's wife material:

Bela's Corner: Why Do Men Find It Difficult To Forgive A Woman That Cheated?!

Some days back, I came across an article about a 99 year-old man divorcing his wife of 77 years after finding out that she cheated on him over 60 yrs ago. For a lady, it won't mean anything since it was a long time ago, although it shouldn't be with her best-friend. While there are countless examples of women taking men back and forgiving them after they've cheated, why does it appear to be so hard for men to do the same? I understand men and women are different creatures but why is it so hard for men to forgive these type of offenses? Do you think that men do forgive more often than we know of and they just don’t talk about it like women do?

Mentorship: The Invisible Spice To Any Career.

As you pound the pavement and scour the Internet in search of a job, client or opportunity, an important task to add to your to-do list for career advancement is securing a mentor.

While the job landscape has changed with the advent of social media, what a mentor does has not. A mentor is still someone who has specific skills, knowledge and abilities to help groom you for success, provides strategic business advice and assists you with the tools to negotiate and conquer the corporate terrain. A mentor can be especially helpful for women who have the two-fold challenge of navigating the sexism of the business world while still maintaining a home and children. Choosing the right mentor will help maintain sanity as you climb the ladder.
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