Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Question: What Makes A Woman Wife Material?!

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I've spoken with several men of all ages, races and backgrounds and oddly--or obviously--enough, they typically want the same thing in a wife. The key word here is wife. As one guy put it: "There are some things that you like because they're exciting and fancy but that doesn't mean you want to keep them forever..." He went on to use this analogy: "Just because you are dying to rent the red sports car doesn't mean you want to own it." So, when it comes to wives--the woman a man chooses to be worthy of his last name--there are a few things most men (over 90 percent!) look for. On a recent episode of R.E.A.L. Single Wives TV, Charlie Ervin shared three characteristics of a woman who's wife material:

  •  She's Ambitious... As one guy put it: "She doesn't have to have a lot of money but she has to be working to get it...she has to be working toward something." Believe it or not, men appreciate women who have found their passion and are pursuing their dreams. They appreciate a business-minded woman with financial sense, it puts them at ease to trusting you to manage their household. Plus, it's very easy to lose yourself once you find someone. Give yourself a fair chance by always setting new goals, both personally and professionally. 
  • She's Nurturing... Whether you think it's unrealistic, disturbing or weird, men are attracted to women who give the same energy as their mother. Men need to be hugged, kissed and cared for just as much as we do. Although we like their tough exterior, we have to remember to stroke their egos and boost their confidence. They need us to be their number one cheerleader while they're out taking over the world. If you are out werking just as hard (refer to the first point, above) then you understand the need for a solid support system when you are working toward your goals. Charlie shared that he had about 15 business ideas when he met his wife Rissy and she supported his ideas instead of killing his dreams! Being nurturing is a key quality that men look for in a wife. 
  • She's Easy to Love... She's not playing games, making him "prove his love" by doing ridiculous things or creating arguments based on her insecurities. A confident woman who knows her worth, understands her flaws and accepts love and support from others is a woman that any smart man will want to keep around. One thing women often fail to realize is the same barriers we put up to protect our hearts often keep out the men who can help heal them. A marriage-minded man will appreciate a fair chance and won't waste his time doing petty things to prove himself to you. One guy mentioned that he shouldn't have to, "Start at zero and earn points with you based on your insecurities." Instead, he should start with all of the points and lose them based only on his own actions instead of your experiences with others. 

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