Wednesday, 9 January 2013

An Unpatriotic Act By A Nigerian "Valentina Anyanwu"

Meet Valentina Anyanwu, A Nigeria in the US, who is part of the reality show "Bad Girls Club". First of all, the show represents, what is wrong with black women today and lack of morals from young ladies because all they do is fight, cuss and have sex daily on the show. And one of the criteria for being on the show states you have to be really bad.

Valentina's bio reads: "After being teased as a child for her heavy Nigerian accent, Valentina developed a tough, “Bad Girl” attitude and hasn’t looked back since. A self-proclaimed “monster in competition,” Valentina’s rugby teammates call her “The Punisher” because of her aggressive field skills. She has grown accustomed to private jets and large cash gifts after only dating men who have power, status and lots of money. This know-it-all has no doubt that she will rule the house and is not afraid to bring out her vindictive side". see video below.

Check out the show on and you can follow her on twitter @ValentinaAmour.

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