Wednesday, 26 December 2012

GQ's "Most Stylish Man Of The Year" Goes To 007 "Daniel Craig"

Daniel Craig aka James Bond 007, came up top in this year's "Most Stylish Man" countdown on GQ Magazine. The Magazine wrote:

Like the double-0 agent he plays on the big screen, Daniel Craig's go-to is a perfectly cut Tom Ford suit that frankly makes other famous guys look like they've never heard of a tailor. But the actor's hardly just a mannequin for his favorite designer's wares, and 2012 saw Craig expanding his sartorial horizons into newGQ-approved areas, whether it be adopting the brown suit, playing with unconventional shirt and tie combos, or just saying "eff it" and showing up to a premiere in some eye-grabbing Nikes.
 Others on the list includes;

2. Zac Efron
3. David Beckham
4. Bruno Mars
5. Ewan McGregor
7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
8. Tyson Chandler
12. Dwyane Wade
15. Jay-Z
17. Ryan Gosling
18. Andrew Garfield
21. A$AP Rocky
25. Frank Ocean
Head on to GQ's site to view the rest of the list

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