Thursday, 13 December 2012

Girls and Bad Boys: Rihanna & Chris Brown Vs Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson

Hi Belarians, today I want to introduce Clinical and Psychological Specialist on Bad Relationship Matter Ms Harobed Lawal. We had a discussion earlier about the reoccurring trend of ladies attraction to guys that both physically and verbally abuse them and why they can't leave or keep going back, and this was her reply:
Why do so many battered women return to their abusive relationships? The problem is doubly puzzling from an evolutionary psychological perspective, because it emphasizes the importance of life, survival, and individual welfare. What adds to the mystery is that most of the women are themselves mystified by their own choice. When pressed, however, many respond by saying “Because I love him”; emotional attachment to the abuser is one of the primary reasons battered women give for why they choose to stay. From an evolutionary psychological perspective, love and other emotions are proximate mechanisms that compel organisms to engage in behavior that, in the context of the ancestral environment, would have increased their inclusive fitness. The fact that women themselves are mystified by their own choice when they follow their emotions and stay with their violent partners seems to suggest the possible operation of evolutionary logic to which the women do not have complete conscious access. But what possible reproductive benefits can staying with violent mates have, when such women are often severely injured, sometimes killed?
Her last statement was actually the case for Rihanna and Evelyn Lozada who were severely injured by their spouse and what is even more shocking is their recent decision to return to the relationship. In the case of Rihanna, i think it's just a matter of time before Chris Brown would blow his fuse again. And as for Evelyn, I thought it was a closed case for her and Chad, until they both exchanged tweets on her birthday stating a possible come back. see tweet below;

Happy birthday, my love. I am waiting for the day that I can give you a hug again. I hope god is with you and I hope that he keeps you safe. 
And Evelyn replied:


"Thank you for my birthday wish. I miss you so much."

A missing piece

I'm the missing piece

Really don't know what to make of their reunion but this constant trend of violence and relationships makes most girls feel it's ok to stay in an abusive relationship. #JustSaying

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