Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sick: 23-year-old Man Beats 1-year-old Daughter To Death Based On His Fantasy

I'm sick to my gut just reporting this, because I really don't understand why demons like this roam this earth...According to NYDailyNews, a Florida dad beat his one-year-old baby daughter to death after burning her feet with cigars because he felt "relieved" when causing another person pain, police said. Rony Veus, 23, is accused of throwing tiny Honey to the floor, pulling her hair, throwing her on the bed and forcing her to eat cinnamon as part of a sickening campaign of abuse.

Cops were called to his Apopka home on Thursday after she was found unconscious. She was rushed to the hospital and, suffering from bleeding on the brain, remained in a coma for three days. She died on Saturday.

Doctors, suspecting she had been abused, contacted the police. Veus was initially arrested on charges of aggravated battery on a child, but they have now been upgraded to murder. He reportedly confessed to officers about what he had done, reports Click Orlando. Veus is said to have told detectives that he "felt relieved" when causing her pain or discomfort. He also said he fantasized about harming her.

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