Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bela's Corner: Help!..He is Married But Won't Let Me Go.

Dear Belarich,
I read one of your post about a girl in love with a married man, though that's not my case but I think I'm in a similar dilemma. I intern at a bank which is where I met Lyon and the attraction was instant. At first, it was a playful-innocent flirtation because I was constantly reminded of his marital status, so there was nothing else on my mind. You can imagine my shock when he grabbed me one day after work and said I was driving him crazy. I thought it was one of those his jokes but it turned serious when he kissed me and was touching me all over. I knew it wasn't right so I begged him to stop and ran out of the building. This led to series of calls and text messages which I cant really tell the details. I don't like using the office toilet and even going to the basement alone for fear that he might show up.
I know I'm equally responsible for this as well as him, but how do I make him stop this obsession before it gets ugly?! 
Personally, it think avoiding him won't solve anything, so it's best both of you sit and have a mature conversation about it. Or you can resolve to the oldest trick in the book "I'll tell your wife"...lolz....


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