Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bela's Corner: Things Women Try To Change About Their Men But Can't...

These are some of the things women try to change about their men all the time and never can;

Maybe it’s a fantasy football league, or video games, or a beer pong team that meets weekly — whatever it is, most guys have some hobby that seems more appropriate for college students. And they will be really into it, having a permanent email thread full of ish-talking with their hobby buddies, that they check during work, or during date night.

Your just-dumped friend is at your apartment, crying her eyes out and telling you the whole story of her breakup. After you say all the right things, assure her that the guy is the one missing out, and that he probably just couldn’t handle what a wonderful woman she is, your boyfriend chimes in, “He might have just met somebody else.

It’s Sunday morning and your guy is gearing up to go watch football all day with his buddies. But wait…wasn’t there some networking event he was invited to this morning? Of course you want to tell him that his career should come before football and partying!
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