Thursday, 11 April 2013

Bela's Corner: Study Shows Bra Makes The Boobs Saggy

According to a recent study by French Scientist 'Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, from the university of Besancon, women who wear bras have saggier boobs than women who don’t. The study found that bras give no benefit at all in “denying breasts gravity” and claim the underwear is just a “false necessity”.

 The research suggests wearing a bra could actually be sending our busts southwards, and does little to ease back pain. Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, led the 15-year study into women’s breasts. He said: “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. “On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra”.

Do you agree?

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  1. Hmmm dis one hard oh as a guy i nor go know oh lol


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