Wednesday, 2 January 2013

They Didn't Know Any Better!

I was prompted to write this piece because it's a new year and i would like for us all to start with a new mindset. All through last year, I got some messages that were targeted at our parents, their way of upbringing and how we attribute the challenges we face as individuals to their way of upbringing. I know that a bad parent can be the worse thing that can ever happen in one's life but the truth is that, they didn't know any better. When you cry yourself to sleep because of a word said or your face being smacked, it wasn't because they wanted to, it just that it was what they were taught also. When they leave you to fall, it's not because they really want you to fall but so you could master the art of getting up every time you fall.
Looking back, you just have to admit that the things our parents did, were just their way of spurning you on to a safer path in life. You can't pin your mistakes on them anymore, because they didn't know any better than you do now. You were brought up just as your father was brought up and the only way you can break the circle, is to start with FORGIVENESS. If you choose not to forgive your parents for any wrong they would have caused you, then be prepared for a repeat performance of what you faced.
They didn't know any better, that's why they haven't apologized for any wrongdoing. You get to a stage in life were you become accountable to yourself and owning up to any mistake you make because now we are assuming you know better

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  1. I agree with you belarich....i mean since we've grown to the stage whereby we realize the good n bad, the best tin we can ever do for our self is to let-go so that we wouldn't follow the same trend of'not knowing any better' which might end up affecting our own future fruits(children). Our parent should never be blamed for our wrongs/mistakes. They've already made the mistake...we shuldn't make it too


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