Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I'm sorry this is coming late, I was incognito all through yesterday, pardon ne moi! I'm happy that you made it into the new year with me and I know there are greater things in store for you and I, in this year. Waking up this morning, it felt like it was a new beginning and if i want this year to be fruitful, I had to first thank my maker, remove unnecessary people and pursue my passion with all of my being.
Let me take this time out to thank you all for your support all through last year; for all the messages and the relationship dilemma. To those that found love through my blog, invite me for the wedding o. And for those still wishing for something new, look upward, our maker is never silent to our prayers.
Wishing you the best all through this year and I'm promising a more interesting blogging. For those requesting for the baking section, I've just created a separate section where we can bake together.

Love always, Belarich!!!

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