Monday, 8 October 2012

Dear Belarich: My Girlfriend Can't Cook

Hey guys, it's a brand new week and y'all don't fail to amaze me. I must confess, this "dear belarich" segment  makes my day, because of all the strange messages I've been getting. Today's letter is from Senam in Ethiopia and it reads;
Dear Belarich,
Good day to you! Please, I have a big problem and I don't know if you can help me. I and my girlfriend have been together for close to 6 months now and she seemed like the perfect girl but the only thing is that her food is horrible. The last time she cooked for me, I spent 2 days in the toilet, that is aside her almost burning down the house. I don't know how to tell her without getting her feelings hurt because she always says "it's one of my favorite dish" before presenting it to me. Lately, in order to prevent her from cooking, I'll always insist on us eating out but I don't know how long I can continue with that.
Please, how do i tell her without hurting her feelings or should I just end the relationship?
The truth hurt sometimes but you just have to tell her, moreover honesty is one of the pillars of every relationship. Also, you can surprise her with a cook book or even a cooking class (careful with this though, cos u might get your head broken). What do y'all think? Should he go or stay and tell the truth?


  1. If u love her let her knw n encourage her to learn possibly teach her if u can cos everyone can't be perfect in all tins if u can mold her to ur taste then do so

  2. Life is simple. Hurt your feelings or continue chopping burnt food as your delicacy. Just pray its not a new house that gets burnt because of a lack of cooking skills. My friend a woman does not love you if she cannot keep your tummy with her own food shikena. How did your fiendship erupt without the food thing. I can imagine. But seriously Be Wise...

  3. Hurt her feelings rather or continue chopping burnt food as your delicacy

  4. tell her, if she go vex,make am vex.Bring am come my cooking classes.


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