Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Aluu4 Victims...

I've tried to stay away from this matter but i just can't pass it off. I'm even trembling just posting this because i don't understand how you could take another life without blinking, without thinking of their parents. I really don't care about what was stolen, who made the community the judge? It's so sad...Don't really know what to say. May their souls rest in peace.


  1. Dem calculate miss......RIP guyz una head get oil

  2. Disgusting, sad, heartbreaking, anger is all that run through me. When I first read about this days ago, words couldn't express how I felt... then whe I was brave enough to see the video, I just couldn't fathom how people can be so barbaric and so desensitized to torture.. no one helps anymore, just standing there and recording ...unbelievable, pure utter shame! I'm not african , goes to show that this has affected EVERyONE, nationally / internationally!


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