Monday, 24 September 2012

Dear Belarich: I'm A Muslim And He Is A Christian

I got this letter from Mina in Nigeria and for her privacy, i changed the name and location. It reads;
Dear Belarich,
I'm in a serious dilemma with my parents over the guy i want to marry because of his religion. I met Lee when i was serving in the Southern part of Nigeria. We became friends when we were in the NYSC camp and he took really good care of me. Luckily for us, we were both posted to the same organization to work. He was never against my religion or questioned it but was always supportive of my decisions. Two months into our service year, he finally asked me out and i said yes without any second thought. He took me to go meet his family and they were a bit skeptical at first but they were supportive of the relationship. He was retained at the organization we served and he said that i was the one that brought the favor to his life, and he will never let me go. After service, i returned home to see my parents and to tell them of the guy that took care of me all throughout my service year. My mum was scared but asked me to tell my dad, and so i did. My dad refused completely, stating that the issues in the country will affect our marriage and that  i should end it now before it's too late. I love Lee so much, what do i do?
This is a delicate issue because i won't advice going into a marriage without your parents blessings. Please what do y'all think?

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