Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ban On Okada (Motor-cycles) In Delta State.

The Delta State Government is planning on placing a ban on commercial motorcycles popularly known as ‘okada’ in major cities of the State. The Governor of the State, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, stated his reason for placing this ban, is as a result of the risk posed by the okada riders. This has led to several riots in the State because most of the Okada Riders have this as their only means of livelihood; also the okada has served as the main means of transportation in the State for a long while now.
Personally, i do not have an issue with them placing a ban on the Okada, provided there is an alternative provision for these people. Also, for a government that has successfully failed the masses for five years, to come up with this as the best possible solution to security issues in the state, its' quite appalling. As stated by a SaharaReporter;
"This is a government that has failed in its more than five years of existence, to provide the basic infrastructures for the ordinary people in the state and engage the youths in meaningful employment and yet, wants to deprive some of these same youths their means of livelihood".
I really don't understand this Delta State Government at all...

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