Monday, 18 April 2016

Bela's Corner: Who is a Friend

She's back!!! Forgive my sabbatical *covers face*...
I've been meaning to ask this question for some time now, probably because of the unrealistic expectations placed on friendship. So, I need your opinion on this, who truly is a friend and what role is a friend expected to play in one's life?!


  1. My friend is that person that I don't need to talk to daily but when we talk its like we have been in touch daily. My friend is that person who I learn from, and learns from me. A person who isn't jealous of my success nor hindering my success. A person who is honest enough to tell me the bitter truth in a loving way that I accept the words without been injured in my soul. A person who is Godly and advices me with the words of God and her wisdom when I need. A person who is not ashamed of herself nor her family members no matter their 'buts'. A person who will stylishly slay with me when we got for events. A person who I am not afraid to open up my life to and not be judged. A friend is that person I don't have to talk to yet understands me just by my looks that I start pouring my thoughts out. That person is my friend.


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