Monday, 19 January 2015

Bela's Corner: Joint Account vs Individual Account

Recently, I was present at a couple's counselling section and I can say, it was quite an interesting one. The Counsellor asked the soon-to-be-married couple what their opinion was on having a "joint account" as opposed to an "individual account". Continue...

Interestingly, the fiancee said she wouldn't mind a joint account but would still want to maintain her individual account. The fiance was insistent on them maintaining just a joint account (FYI, the lady earns more than the guy).
Question: do you think a couple should maintain only a joint account when married or each should have an individual account?

NB: I have rectified the issue with the comment section, so do leave your comment(s) below.


  1. Both.
    I think there should be a joint as well as individual acct. For the joint account, both husband and wife will have a certain amount they are to put inn every month for the �� keeping of the �� or other petty spendings. Speaking of this, different things works for different �� .

  2. Interesting Deborah rightfully said, there should be joint account and there should also be individual account. Well done Bela

  3. Good article..


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