Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bela's Corner: Which Would You Rather Have In A Relationship- Love, Trust or Money.

Unconditional love is the strongest force in the universe, it can cross dimensions, it cannot be broken, a parent can die and you will still love them. A baby in the mother's womb is already loved the day she finds out she's pregnant - whether or not he/she is born, she will always love him/her.. If a beloved master dies, a dog will lie down and die shortly afterward. If a dove is killed by a car, the mate will stand quietly by until it starves to death and dies too. Money has power on the earth, but is not eternal, it's material. When the man with money dies, his power is lost. The power of love is never lost. Trust, love, virtues and values are spiritual and not bound by physical/material laws. Truth always stands in the end, it has a way of making itself known. Trust is the key that binds Love and Money together, and without love you can't truly trust someone. 
So, which would you rather have in your relationship?!

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