Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bela's Corner: Dealing With Financial Abuse in a Relationship

Most people experience different forms of abuse in relationships and regardless of the extent of the abuse, it's best to seek help, instead of hiding under the umbrella of "s/he will change" or "s/he still loves me". Financial Abuse is the most common form of abuse in Africa and it usually serves as one link to the chain of physical or emotional abuse already present in the relationship. The National Network to End Domestic Violence stated in an article that “the forms of financial abuse may be subtle or overt but in general, include tactics to limit the partner’s access to assets or conceal information and accessibility to the family finances.” Continue 

The pattern is usually the same with most abusers and these are some of the signs;
  • Forbidding you to work, attend job training or advancement opportunities
  • Controlling how your money is being spent
  • Withholding money from you or giving you a stipulated allowance.
  • Excluding you from financial decisions.
In situations like this, you have two options; you either see a therapist or you leave that relationship.

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