Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spider Bite Causes Man To Almost Lose His Leg.

I'm officially scared of spiders #justsaying...An Essex decorator nearly lost his leg after being bitten by a false widow spider. Ricki Whitmore encountered a nest of the venomous arachnids while working at a school. He told The Daily Star: "They were quite big, a purplish brown colour with strange markings on their backs. I'd never seen anything like it. It was quite creepy. I'd never kill a spider but I needed access to the corner so I just swept them away." The spiders are related to the black widow, but do not have the distinctive red spot on their backs. They make similar "tangle" webs, which are full of eggs, making it likely for many spiders to be in the same small area.

Whitmore was bitten on the leg but didn't go to seek medical help until a day later. Shortly after being prescribed antibiotics, the 39-year-old was rushed to hospital where surgeons found so much poison in his system he faced amputation of his leg. Thankfully the limb has been saved - though Whitmore is unable to work and is staying with family members to avoid distressing his children. Each day he is visited by a nurse who cleans and dresses his wounds and six months of physiotherapy are on the cards before he is expected to walk again.

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