Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bela's Corner: When Out On A Date With Your Spouse, Who Is To Pay For Dinner?

Hello y'all, I'm back again with my questions...When it comes to dating, men are still expected to pick up the check even in 2013. Well, this question led to a serious debate as to who is to pay when a guy take a girl out. Some guys insisted that a girl should pay for at least 2 date nights out of 5. Personally, I think it's absurd to expect a girl to pay for dinner. If she offers to pay, that's different, but if you are expecting her to pay for dinner, then you are less than a man *simple*. And it's usually the broke guys that expect a girl to pay for dinner *BME*. What do y'all think? Should a girl be expected to pay for dinner on a date? Continue to see the research on this topic....

A recent study by Rosanna Hertz (Wellesley College), David Frederick (Chapman University) and Janet Lever (California State University, Los Angeles) of more than 17,000 unmarried heterosexual women and men showed that, for all that some people like to claim that chivalry is dead or feminism is no longer needed, old fashioned norms about who pays for dates (men) and who respondents thought should pay for dates (men) are alive and well.

In the study, 84% of male respondents and 58% of female ones self-reported that men still cover most of the dating expenses well beyond the first date (where the numbers are reportedly even higher), though 75% of men and 83% of women report commonly sharing some dating expenses by the six month mark. Around 57% of women in the study report that they pull out their wallets early in dating to split a bill, but 39% of those women wanted to be told to put their wallets away, and 44% of all the women in the study were "bothered" than men expected them to pay at all.

Interestingly, 64% of male respondents say they believe that women should contribute financially to a relationship, and 44% would end a relationship with a woman who never offered to pay, but 76% of men felt guilty when the women did pay.

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