Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Teyana Taylor And Rihanna Fires Shots At Each Other Over Shady Instagram Video

Personally, I think Rihanna is a cyber bully and because her fans her very quick to support her, she doesn't know when she has crossed the line with someone. Anyway, this whole situation started over a video that TT posted on instagram, of her singing to a song by Anita Baker "Caught in the Rapture".

Rihanna later posted a video of her hair stylist singing to the same song and wearing the same hair like TT with the caption ...#Bitches be like...yassss"

On seeing this, TT went on twitter and sent a direct tweet to Rihanna. See their tweets below;

 Rihanna later changed her twitter profile pic to a comparison pic of her and teyana's net worth...

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