Friday, 26 July 2013

Bela's Corner: I'm Confused By His Actions Though He Said "No Relationship"...

Dear Belarich,
I’ve read you blog and listen to your radio program, and  i  love the advice you gave on defining your relationship before it progresses towards a different goal. I’ve been friends with this guy for months now. I really like him, but he is 38-years old and I am 25-years old. We hung out when we have the time to and started texting and skyping each other every day. Interestingly, on one of the days, he sends me a text saying he wasn’t sure if he wanted to get into a relationship with someone with a 13 year age difference. He previously told me before that his last relationship of 3 years was the same age difference. He said we should be friends for now and see where it goes. I have to admit I was heart-broken because I really liked him, but if he wasn’t comfortable then I’m not going to plead my case. My problem now is that, i find myself spending all my time chatting with him and doing everything a couple does but he still insist on not wanting a relationship. Want do i do now?
You can’t be 25-years old! You cannot and will not play this game with me of acting naïve and dumb about this 38-year old man’s interest in you. You cannot be serious! You can’t be! SMDH! Ma’am, the man told you he was not interested in a relationship. What part of that statement do you not understand? I don’t care what his actions are saying, but the man has told you that he is not interested in a relationship. Thus, HE IS NOT INTERESTED IN A RELATIONSHIP. DUH!!! He is only calling you to go out because he wants your gush-gush! He only wants to stick and move. And, you keep letting him get closer and closer to his goal.

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