Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chris Brown And Rihanna Diss Each Other Over Breakup

Yesterday, an interview hit the internet that heard Chris Brown officially confirming that his rollercoaster relationship with Rihanna had finally come to an end……for now, anyway. In so many words, Breezy said that Rih-rih was doing her own thing and he was too young not to be doing his own thing too. In true Chris Brown fashion, those weren’t last words on it all. He also took to Twitter last night with a not-so-subliminal message about his ex-thug misses and “loving her” from a distance: continue to read tweet...

After Breezy confirmed their break-up and let his frustrations spill out on to Twitter, Rihanna jabbed back with her side of the story, hinting that Chris still being dishonest and un-loyal was what really led to the break-up:
I feel there will be more to out

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