Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bela's Corner: Would You Allow Your Partner Go On A Vacation With His/Her Ex?!

Some days back, I was scrolling through some of my usual series and I stumbled on Love and Hip-Hip. On viewing one of the scenes, a guy told his girlfriend that he was going on a trip with his ex-girlfriend, whom he claims he is still in love with. And what was so shocking was that, he said he was going regardless of what the girlfriend says. She did let him go on the trip and this prompted my question;
"Would you sincerely allow your partner to go on a trip with his/her ex, knowing that your partner might still be in love with that ex?"...
I know for sure that the relationship is over if you decide to go on a trip like that...sorry!


  1. That will be like giving your banana to a monkey and expecting to have it back.

    1. might be u trust ur partner more.


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