Friday, 30 November 2012

Kim Ex 'Kris Humphries' Got Into A Fight With A Fellow Player

Kris Humphries (Brooklyn Nets) and Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics) got into a fight during Brooklyn's blow out victory over the Boston Celtics last night. Kris showed off some of his Brooklyn fight, playing extra aggressive basketball - even though his team was up 20 points - when Kevin Garnett went into the paint.
After the hard foul Hump delivered to KG, Rondo gave Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be ex-husband a good forearm shove to the chest. Hump didn't take that lightly, pushing Rondo in the face, and that's when all hell broke lose. Arms flew, forearms crashed into each other, Rondo's jersey went over his head. After the melee was cleared, both players were ejected, along with Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace. 
After the fight, Kris jumped on Twitter to show off his battle scars:
See the full fight below;

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