Monday, 12 November 2012

A Pastor Admits To Cheating on His Wife With 20 Women in His Congregation (VIDEOS)

Pastor Patrick Dennis, the leader of a local church, and his wife, Natashia, are keeping a secret—they've been living apart while pretending to be happily married. Natashia says their marriage was torn apart by her husband's infidelity.

Pastor Patrick Dennis, admits to cheating on his wife with 20 women who are also members of his congregation and one of the affair led to a child. This countless lies and years of infidelity have driven Pastor Patrick Dennis far from God's altar. 

Now, Iyanla Vanzant helps Pastor Dennis dig deep and discover the real reason he's been cheating on his wife. As the picture unfolds he reveals a childhood secret that has haunted him for decades, how he was sexually violated by a member of his family and prays with Iyanla for the boy whose innocence was stolen.
I'm not going to judge but every time you remove God from your pain, satan takes over and makes it you burden. Dint like the end of the whole thing cos i'm not one that is in support of divorce!


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  2. I keep asking myself what was the purpose of Iyanla Vanzant involvement?.. I taught she was coming to repair the marriage!

    1. If it was you, would you stay in a marriage like dat? moreover, i think infidelity is the only grounds the bible support for leaving a spouse.

    2. fix what?...that marriage was beyond repair thanks to the pastor's selfish ways

  3. " first of all" remove Pastor, that man is the devil, and further more the husband cheated not because of lust, and that's the truthful explanation. It pains me to hear of such evils of these hypocritical fake " pastors" that lead the masses astray. Lets just call a spade a spade, and cut to the chase, he is a simpleton, and a charlatan at best describes this ... Excuses, excuses, of course, he would point the blame on something that probably didn't happen. As for Ms. Vansant, she has the God complex, she need to deal with the thing of God, as she calls herself a " pastor" too. I say of with their heads, LOL.

  4. Fake Pastor Dennis, and that woman with the God complex, shame, shame, shame, the fruit of the spirit will manifest itself. Dennis, in layman terms is "evil", and refuse to take responsibility for his unacceptable behaviors. Ms Vanzant displays signs of prideful behavior, and I'm willing to bet, "fake Pastor Dennis" is still up to his old antics, unzipping his pants for justification of what? NOTHING! How does Ms. Vanzant expects to fix that man life, it would take an act Of God, and only God to correct Dennis, and that correction is sure to come one day. The Bible teaches, that judgment starts at the House of God, careful "Pastors".


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