Thursday, 18 October 2012

Woman Gave Birth On The Subway!

A Philadelphia woman who gave birth on Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority subway yesterday! This incident was narrated by the SEPTA Police Officer Loyd Rodgers and his partner, who gave the stork a helping hand after a she approached them at the Olney station on the Broad Street Subway line telling them she had just given birth aboard a northbound train. There, nestled in her clothing, the officer saw
a brand new baby boy, umbilical cord still attached.

Rodgers, a 12-year veteran and father of a teenage daughter, immediately assisted the new mother, wrapping the little boy in a blanket, and calling for medics. As they waited, Rodgers says the mother and her baby were both very calm. SEPTA cashier Cynthia Leaks saying the little boy, with lots of hair was, in her words, “beautiful.”

What a miracle!

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