Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Rihanna To Earn $8 Million For Turning On Christmas Lights

Rihanna is reportedly earning $8 million to switch on the Christmas lights during the upcoming holiday season at a London mall which would be followed by a stage performance at the Westfield Shopping Center in Stratford. This whooping sum that Rihanna would earn in a few minutes is what Nicki Minaj will earn for an entire season of American Idol.
Sources told British newspapers:
"Rihanna’s thrilled she has been asked again. She knows its a big deal and is totally up for it, if it fits in with her schedule."
Other celebrity appearance and their fees include Beyonce Knowles who was paid only $2 million for her appearance at a private New Year's Eve party in St. Barts, Charlie Sheen charges just $200,000 for an appearance, and Jay-Z charges $1 million for an appearance. I charge £500 per appearance, see o, very cheap...

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  1. i will turn those lights on for chinese fried rice..


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