Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rapper Lil Reese Brutally Assaults His Girlfriend

This Lil Reese video surfaced today on popular vlog site, This video is sure to shatter some of his potential, if it turns out to be authentic. From what is seen in the video, it looks like the Chief Keef associate slapped, punched, and kick-stomped his child's mother.
Before y'all see this video, let me address some issues. First of all guys, all a lady's got is her mouth and as deadly as the words that come out of her mouth when she is angry, so is your fist when you hit her. Secondly, ladies please, never lead a man to the point where he has no option but to hit you. There is no excuse to hit a lady, no matter how angry you think you are.


  1. Your statement at the end is so contradictory. You say, "never lead a man to the point where he has no option to hit you (a female) then rebut with "there is no excuse to hit a lady" Which one is it?

    A person cant lead you anywhere they in fact dont want to go. So the idea that you can give a person an option of whether to hit you or not to hit you, is ridiculous. Anything action an individual takes is because they made a logical decision to do it, regardless of the stimuli.

    The better advice would be:

    Once a man starts exhibiting violent behavior around you or any behavior that is abusive -- to remove yourself from the situation. (sarcasm)We wouldn't want you to breathe wrong and give him cause to hit you.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, but I made that statement to the ladies because we have a way of pushing guys to their boiling point. From the video, you can see that she started the altercation before the guy retaliated. This was similar to the case of a Bus Driver and A lady recently too. Guys are still humans and capable of being angry, so a lady should know when they have crossed the line and just walk away. That goes for the guys too, that was why i made the last statement.


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