Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ladies Day Out: Perfect Spot To Meet A Date

I came across Niecy's Five Perfect Spots To Meet A Date and though i'm a bit skeptical about some of it but i think some of it hold a lil truth.
1. The Grocery Store
2. The Sporting Event
3. At a Wedding Event
4. The Beach
5. Set up by Friends
At a Grocery store? Puhleeez! i've been there way too often and all you get to meet are women, children and sisi's... Maybe a sporting event but without the guy screaming over your head or raising sweaty armpit...Wedding events nowadays reeks of desperate chics and conquering guys. I love the beach because there is no hiding behind any facade...I might trust my friends to set me with a date but will kill them if it turns out horrible #youKnowWho.
Please, let me know your take on the perfect spot to meet a date #noFacebook...lolz

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