Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dear Belarich: I'm In Love With Two Girls

This letter was sent by David in France and it reads;
Dear Belarich,
Please help me! I'm 25, currently a student and I live with my girlfriend of 3 years, in a 1 bedroom apartment. I thought, I could only love my girlfriend until I met C in one of my friends party. C was so full of life and we instantly connected, reminding me of when I first met my girlfriend. We talked about everything from politics to sports, I laughed so hard, I teared-up . I couldn't tell C I had a girlfriend for fear of losing her and I don't want to leave my girlfriend too because we have been through a lot together, it would kill her.  I know it feels like I'm cheating but I can't seem to control my thoughts when it comes to C. What do I do now?
Ok?!...The truth is, I can't ask you to stay with your girlfriend is your mind is not there anymore, because you are killing her everyday you remain with her. Also, "C" might seem like what you need right now but in the long run, you may find out that you throw away your Gold set whilst looking for wood.
What do y'all think?

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