Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Chris Brown and Girlfriend (Karrueche) Still Holding It Down? Or Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Shocked and Confused! Here is the Shocked part: Chris Brown and Karrueche are still together and going strong, contrary to media reports on this two. C&K was just spotted last night together at Atlanta hot spot Compound, partying.
Karrueche had on a short body con skirt and killer ass-kicking boots, and accompanied by a bodyguard, with Chris in tow, coming out of a nightclub after a long night blowing stacks.
Karrueche have been quiet all this while even with the frenzy surrounding Chris's ex Rihanna and a possible come back. But she blew her fuse last night just to calm the haters and let them know she is still holding it down with Chris. She even tweeted:
Well, would you still be with a guy that have publicly humiliated you in anyway possible?
Now, the confused part is that Enews is reporting that Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted at the club last night making out and dancing. Click Here for the full report.

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