Saturday, 27 October 2012

Another Teenager, Felicia Garcia, Bullied To Her Death

Felicia Garcia, the 15-year-old (na wa oh) high school girl leapt to her death at a Staten Island train station in front of her classmates after she had been bullied by members of her school's football team. It turns out that Felicia had watched Tottenville beat rival Port Richmond HS 16-8 in a Friday-night football game and attended a wild after-party.There she had sex with the players, and when rumors of the tryst spread, she also told a friend the sex was consensual, sources said.

By Monday, the video was being shared among classmates. Some ridiculed Garcia, and others came on to her, friends said. When she couldn't take it any more, she jumped in front of an incoming train whilst her classmates looked on helplessly. Police have been questioning all the members of the football team, including those who were in the sex-tape. A vigil was held in her honor last night where friends paid their respects.

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