Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I couldn't help but laugh at the headline on Enews Kate Middleton's Topless Photos Start Global Tour of Their Own, Now Set For Danish Newsstands. Apparently the Danish magazine announced today that it would be running the pictures of Kate despite the royal couple not only putting up, but winning, a legal fight against the French magazine that opened the floodgates of their privacy violation and published a slew of topless photos taken of the duchess while on vacation. other European magazines in Irish and Italian publications wasted no time in getting the photos in their pages, and it seems the scandalous shots are moving further onto the continent. Denmark's Se og Hoer announced today it would run the photos in order to show the nation "what these photos are all about."
The tabloid's editor, Kim Henningsen, said it would run "60 or 70" of the photos taken as part of a 16-page supplement set for release on Thursday. At the same time, the Swedish edition of the same magazine (both published by Aller Media) said it too would run the photos in an 11-page spread. The Swedish mag's editor, Carina Loefkvist, said;
"This is nothing unusual, these are quite nice pictures if you compare with other celebrity pictures that we publish all the time,".
Can we just move on from this already?


  1. The press have shown their true colours....yellow streaked with green backs. Can't we get back to pictures of Silvio cavorting with pre-teens?

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for the hologram version...


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