Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Dear Belarich: My Boyfriend Is Hindering My Financial Progress

You people will not ki me with you funny messages oh... Lily from Denver sent the message below;
Dear Belarich,
I'm a young lady, working for one of the top organizations in Denver. My problem right now is with the guys I date; it's either they are broke, looking for a no-string attached relationship or just plain obnoxious. Recently, I resolved to dating this guy I  met like a month ago. In terms of money, he is just ok, although I've never revealed to him how much I really earn. The issue now is that my boss (whom I've had a crush on for like forever), asked me out on a date and that is like a goldmine. This has placed me in an awkward position with my boyfriend because I feel like he is standing in the way of me finally having all I've ever dreamed of. Is it wrong for me to put money before love?
LMAO...Well, money can only satisfy you for a while and dating your boss is a recipe for disaster because business success usually transfers to relationship success and that goes for failure too. #BeWise

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