Sunday, 23 September 2012

Dear Belarich: Do I Take Her Back?

Hi guys, I really do enjoy reading your messages and I hope you get the answer you seek from people's comments. Today's message came from Gabbi in London and it reads;
Dear Belarich,
I've been dating my girlfriend for over 2 years now and I've introduced her to my family so plans are already in place for marriage. She lives in South Africa, whilst I'm doing my masters in the UK. I love her with all my heart and she is the best girl I've ever dated. Our problem started when she started acting funny, particularly after I saw a picture she took with another guy at a party she went for. Although this raised my suspicion but I still believed her when she said he was just a friend and nothing more. You can then imagine my shock when six months later whilst chatting on skype, she stood up to go pee and I noticed a protruded stomach. I knew it was definitely not over-feeding and when I asked her, she confessed it was for the same guy she took that picture with earlier. She cried and begged that it was a mistake, claiming she loves me and not the guy. I'm going through a lot of emotions right now but one that seems to be constant, is heartache, because i do blame myself for the distance. Should i take her back or just let her go, because i still love her?


  1. Yo,bro....this one's a no-brainer!!!! She loves u n not him??? U js gotsta get over ur emotional sickness and get smone else! C'mon mahnnnn....shdnt evn be up for debate!!! She gets d boot#nuffsaid!

  2. Guy you need to let this babe go cos at dis point, love is not enuf to handle wats on ground. She loves u and not him bt she didn't only knack d oda boi, she got preggers too...let her go biko

  3. OOO Boy let it go
    cox she tink she loves you but as time goes on and she started developing bound with the baby, she will eventually start appreciating the guy that got her pregnant- while you are there still loving your 'pregnant girlfriend' = x2 heart-break. Apart from that; you will never want to raise a child without a complete family (or wuld u?) so y encourage such by accepting her. Moreover she still have @least a year after delivery to raise the child to a certain stage before she can start thinking about marriage with you. If its a child she had before meeting you and you know, it a different situation. What if the guy didn't accept the pregnancy and you've accept to marry her - that automatically make you the step-dad.
    In this situation am not too sure if love is enough- I think reality should be faced. Arrest my


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